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Having a full or part-time HR specialist within your organisation can be expensive, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses.

But the skills and knowledge that an HR specialist brings can be invaluable.

HR Managers are effective, if expensive, to employ but they do bring knowledge and experience to your business. We will give you all the benefits of employing your own HR Manager at a fraction of the cost of employing your own. Working with your business, we can provide you with a professional HR service at an affordable price.

Here’s what you’ll get:
• Improved communication: employees understand expectations and company goals and receive constructive feedback

• Improved performance: employees are committed to the success of the business

• Stable workforce: your loyal employees will remain with you

• Improved recruitment processes: finding the right employees, for the right roles, at the right time

• You will know exactly who is supporting your business so you won’t need to waste time explaining background every time you call for advice or support on an employee-related issue

• We will have a sound understanding of your business and will deliver a focussed, professional, friendly and knowledgeable service to you at all times. You will be able to talk through the issues and consider your options. You will then be e-mailed appropriate forms or letters for you to issue to your employees

• Your policies, procedures and documents will be updated in line with changes in employment legislation*


• You will receive a personal service and we will make complicated processes easy to follow, whilst ensuring everything is done properly, efficiently and compliantly in a professional, friendly and knowledgeable way

• By ensuring all your HR policies are legally compliant, consistent and well understood, you will reduce the number of problems that arise and deal efficiently and effectively with those that do, managing the risk to your business

• Good HR advice will help reduce your costs by getting things right first time

• Employees perform best when they are clear what they are required to do; are trained to do it and feel rewarded and valued. Good HR can ensure you have all the necessary processes in place

• We will work proactively with you rather than just react to problems. Regular contact between us will help pick up on issues at an early stage, making them easier and quicker to resolve

• Be it a single day, a single project or a longer term relationship, we can provide for all your business HR requirements

• Using our services saves your business both time and money

*terms and conditions apply

And here’s what you won’t get:
• The wrong recruitment decisions: you’ll have support to help make the right decisions

• Demotivated employees: your employees will be engaged with your business


• Unclear and inconsistently used policies: your business culture will be fair and consistent

• HR administrative headaches: your documents and policies will be compliant with legislation

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