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Absence Management

Absence management is an important task for any business. Clearly there are many reasons for employee absence which, in the vast majority of cases, is perfectly justifiable.

People get ill, and businesses must bear the cost of this to some extent. However, it is possible to reduce the risk to your business of excessive absence with effective absence management processes which will help you to cope with standard levels of absence, regardless of the size of your business.

Obviously there is a financial cost associated with absenteeism and, dependent upon the size of your business and the records you keep, you may already know what that cost is. Management of employee absence is difficult without analysis of the figures for your business but, on average, sickness absence can cost businesses up to 16% of their payroll budget.

If you have an absence management policy, your employees will know what to expect when they are unable to attend work.

Short-term and long-term absence both have an impact on your business so it is always important to maintain contact with an employee when they are away from work ill.

We can help your business with absence management including occupational health services, rehabilitation and return to work.

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