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Discipline and Grievance

Most people understand what is expected of them in terms of behaviour and conduct whilst they are at work without having to be told – but some need to have things stated more clearly. The best way of doing this is to have a clear disciplinary policy with rules and a procedure to deal with any breaches which arise. It is good HR practice, ensures consistency and fairness, and, if properly documented and followed, will also ensure you comply with your statutory obligations.

Most people understand what they should do if they have a problem or issue at work. Formal grievances can be kept to a minimum with a clear policy, again ensuring that employees are treated fairly and consistently and know where to turn if they have a problem.

Most managers understand what disciplinary and grievance issues are but are not very experienced in dealing with them as, fortunately, they are both quite rare occurrences. However, when they do arise they can be difficult and stressful times. These matters can be kept to a minimum through treating staff fairly and consistently.

Investigations into both of these types of issue are critical in advance of any formal hearing.

StellarHR provide straightforward, practical support, ensuring that you meet all legal requirements and end up with the right result for the individual and your business. By training your managers in the operation of these procedures you can tackle these issues internally if required. If required we can also be present on site to assist with hearings.

If a disciplinary matter were to arise in your business how would you demonstrate that a fair process has been followed if you have carried out the investigation, conducted the disciplinary hearing and maybe even heard the appeal?

We have significant experience in dealing with these types of issue, including handling sensitive situations associated with alleged race, sex or age discrimination as well as harassment, bullying or victimisation.

As an independent third party, we can carry out a thorough investigation on your behalf, if needed, including taking witness statements and then provide you with a comprehensive and objective report.

We can then present that report to the disciplinary hearing.

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