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Employee Handbooks

The employee handbook is an opportunity for you to communicate with your employees about workplace practices and procedures and is particularly helpful to new employees. It is also a good place to communicate the guidelines and policies under which your business operates and provides the opportunity to announce, clarify or change these policies. It also provides a shared understanding of the standards of conduct, behaviour and performance expected from employees and also what they can expect in return.

This handbook should be one of the first formal communications that you have with an employee after they are hired and it needs to make a good impression. In the event of a dispute, this will be the first place that the employee turns for information. For these reasons it is essential that, once completed, the handbook is kept up-to-date.

StellarHR have worked with several companies, in a wide range of sectors, to either introduce or update their employee handbook.

If you don’t use your employee handbook you run the risk of tribunal claims if policies are not followed or are used inconsistently and this may result in discrimination.

It is vital to keep this handbook up to date. It’s the first place your employees will look for information – the second place will be your desk, and you will have to spend time sorting out issues.

It’s also vital that your employees are clear about the policies and that these are not left open to misinterpretation.

A review of the handbook in April and October each year is useful as this will cover the introduction of new or amended legislation.

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