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Performance Management

Businesses that continually develop and improve stay ahead of the competition. In order for this to happen, as the business changes and improves, its employees need to improve and increase their contribution to the business. This can only happen if your employees:

• understand their contribution to the success of the business

• understand what is expected of them by having clear objectives

• receive support from the business to deliver

A good performance management and appraisal system will help you to achieve all of the above. We can help with everything including:

• preparation of job descriptions and employee specifications

• design of a performance management (including appraisal) process

• training of managers and employees in the process

• training of managers in dealing with employees whose performance falls short

• We have worked with several businesses to help them manage the performance of their employees.

It is often easy to forget to manage the good employees when your time is taken up managing the ones who are not performing.

By having good performance management processes in place this will save your business both time and money and avoid poor performance developing into either a disciplinary or grievance issue which may ultimately lead to a tribunal claim.

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