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Do you have to accept an employee’s resignation?

Basically, yes you do. There is a common misconception that you can choose whether or not to accept someone’s resignation but this is incorrect. There is a statutory minimum notice period and a contractual opportunity to provide more than the minimum. Termination of the employment is therefore a contractual right available to either party. Once […]

Do you have a BYOD Policy?

This is one of the latest phenomenon’s to hit businesses everywhere….. Bring Your Own Device Allowing employees to bring their own devices (known as BYOD) such as smart phones, tablets and laptops to work is a relatively new concept and you need to consider the IT security issues which may affect your business. This is […]

Age is not an excuse for under-performance

If employers use performance discussions and fair dismissal processes across the workforce, managing employee performance without a fixed retirement age should not be an issue. If you have an employee who is not performing to the required standards in their job then you should take action to manage that performance, regardless of the employee’s age. […]

Checking employee eligibility to work in the UK

With the UK Border Agency (the “UKBA”) publishing news of arrests of illegal workers on an almost daily basis, now is as good a time as any to remind yourself of one of your duties as an employer to prevent illegal working The facts As an employer, you have a duty to conduct document checks […]

Auto-enrolment update

Over one million workers have now been auto-enrolled into workplace pensions. The money employees save into their pension is being matched by contributions from their employers and topped-up by tax relief, helping them put money aside for their retirement, many for the first time. Auto-enrolment will be operational in all organisations by 2018 and applies […]

Are your staff struggling with debt?

Debt and its impact on staff well-being has become a key issue across the UK so what can you do so support your employees? Don’t ignore the issue : The more you support your employees in times of difficulty the more likely they are to be focused on their work. They often feel much better […]

Are you paying minimum wages?

HMRC recently had a crackdown on employers breaking the law by having workers who were paid below the national minimum wage. As a result 708 employers were fined automatic penalty charges of up to £5,000 and more than £4 million has been paid as back pay to workers to top up their wages which had […]

Businesses held back by lack of management skills

Statistics show that 43% of businesses do not have a succession plan in place to ensure a future supply of managers. Nearly half of employers said this was due to a lack of capability of their existing employees and they relied on expensive external recruitment instead. However, there is a clear link between management and […]

Breakdown in the employment relationship

Personality clashes or disruptive behaviour can be a problem for employers but such a dismissal can be unfair and open to litigation. “Personality dismissals” can be a fair reason for dismissal under the “some other substantial reason” banner of fair reasons for dismissal. However, case law has demonstrated that personality itself cannot be a fair […]

Parental Leave

Parental Leave is due for a shake-up next year and beyond so what rights do employees have now? – At the moment the right is to up to 13 weeks’ unpaid leave for employees who are parents of children under five, including children who are adopted. Where a child is disabled the right is to […]
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