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The snow is on its way……. In the last couple of winters many employers and employees have been caught out by the severe weather. “Should I dig my car out and try and get into work?” “Should I pay those who tried to get into work or just those who made it?” Employers need to understand their rights and obligations where employees: (a) are unable to get into work due to the bad weather or; (b) they may be able to get into work but have to take the day off due to school/nursery closure Employees should use their best endeavours to attend work in all circumstances. However, no reasonable employer would want employees to put themselves at unnecessary risk when trying to attend work and employees should use their own judgment and, if unable to attend work, contact their manager as soon as possible.The general bargain between any employer and employee is that the employee is obliged to turn up and work and the employer is obliged to provide work and pay the employee for the work they do. Employers should consider introducing an adverse weather policy and ensuring that this is adequately communicated to all employees ahead of any adverse weather conditions. Such a policy should clearly set out the employer’s position and explain how it will handle absence related to bad weather. This will ensure that, when the snow hits, everyone is clear about what will happen.

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