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Do you have a BYOD Policy? This is one of the latest phenomenon’s to hit businesses everywhere….. Bring Your Own Device Allowing employees to bring their own devices (known as BYOD) such as smart phones, tablets and laptops to work is a relatively new concept and you need to consider the IT security issues which may affect your business. This is not just about people bringing their mobile phones to work so they can text or Facebook at lunchtime. This is about people bringing their own devices to actually carry out real work. However, the work employees do on their own device, whatever it may be, becomes the intellectual property of the company and if this is not clearly set out in a policy document, it could lead to disputes later. You don’t need a separate policy but you do need to cover a BYOD scenario in their IT or confidentiality policy. There may be commercially sensitive information concerning the business and potentially its clients, as well as the employee’s own personal data on the device, which could pose a problem if the employee does not want the employer to have access to this. It’s important that sensible procedures are put in place to ensure that information stays protected through both company and personal use of the device. BYOD looks set to become the norm and whilst it will bring opportunities the right policies must be in place to protect everyone.

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