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The snow is on its way…….

In the last couple of winters many employers and employees have been caught out by the severe weather. “Should I dig my car out and try and get into work?” “Should I pay those who tried to get into work or just those who made it?” Employers need to understand their rights and obligations where […]

RTI will be here in April 2013

Some employers are still unaware of changes they will have to make in 2013 in order to comply with HMRC Real Time Information. Under RTI, employers and pension providers or their agents will submit information about tax, national insurance contributions, student loans and other deductions, on each pay date, instead of at the end of […]

The nuts and bolts of pensions auto-enrolment

Thousands of workers in the UK’s largest companies have now been automatically enrolled into a workplace pension scheme. This will now roll out to other employers until every workplace uses auto-enrolment by 2017 to ensure eligible employees who are over the age of 22 and earn more than £8,105 are members of a workplace pension […]

Fee For Intervention (FFI)

In October the Health and Safety Executive’s new fines system – the Fee For Intervention (FFI) came into force. This allows the HSE to fine businesses who are found to be breaking health and safety law in a wide variety of ways. In practice, this means that if your business is found to be in […]

Pensions Auto-enrolment – don’t forget the admin

Auto-enrolment is with us now and more employers will reach their staging date over the coming months. There are many things employers should be doing now in preparation such as updating payroll and admin systems, reviewing contracts of employment and preparing employee communications. However, it’s essential not to risk the safety of your data in […]

Flexible Working Requests

An employee returning from maternity leave has the right to request to work flexibly. The right is to make the request – not the right to work flexibly. This may be a change to their hours, times, or place of work. To make a request: – the employee must have been employed for a minimum […]

Protect your Data

With the increase in social media activity, the barriers between private and professional personas are coming down. Corporate data and its accessibility to “bad leavers” is an increasing threat. Decisions about how such information is controlled must be based on balancing the potential risks with the required usage by employees. Having policies in place such […]

Don’t rely on good faith to protect your business

When an employee progresses through the company from a junior role, make sure the employment contract reflects the changes. In a recent case, a senior employee who had progressed through the ranks of a company had a contract of employment which had remained largely unchanged, other than perhaps changes to his job title and salary. […]

Christmas is coming…….

Christmas is coming and, if you are able to provide a Christmas party for your staff, then you need to remember a few things: – as an employer you are still responsible for the health and safety of your employees so make sure the venue doesn’t cause any unreasonable risks – remind your employees of […]

Sickness Management

Use the system to record and track all employee absence – no matter what type. By having a central absence management system you can be proactive and spot problems before they develop.
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