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Are your staff struggling with debt? Debt and its impact on staff well-being has become a key issue across the UK so what can you do so support your employees? Don’t ignore the issue : The more you support your employees in times of difficulty the more likely they are to be focused on their work. They often feel much better just having spoken to someone. Be proactive : Employers can get advice and materials from debt experts to educate their employees about the help that’s out there if they need it. They can also provide financial advice for notice boards or the company’s intranet. Normalise the issue : Debt worries affect a lot of people but nobody likes admitting they’re in debt. How the experts can help : Debt charities and advisers can give staff a sustainable payment plan, to help them work towards managing their debts and to become debt free. Signpost advice : Make your staff aware of where they can get advice if their debts are keeping them awake at night. You can put contact details on the bottom of payslips, on notice boards and intranet sites or whatever channels an employer uses to engage with their employees.

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