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StellarHR are an independent HR company who provide specialist HR support to businesses throughout the Yorkshire and Humber Region. Whether your business is new or has been running successfully for some time there are occasions when you will need specialist support. You could be expanding and recruiting or restructuring and finding it necessary to make redundancies. Using an HR specialist can help by ensuring you follow the correct processes.

Many small businesses don’t need full-time HR support but having access to good HR advice can add so much value and bring real benefits to your business.

If you’ve got an HR headache, let us remove it and allow you to focus on growing and running your business.

arrowDo your HR policies and procedures comply with UK legislation?

If not, you could be at risk of claims from employees or even potential employees.

arrowDo you know the difference between “office banter” and “bullying”?

Not understanding the difference cost one company £34,000

arrowDo you check your employees’ eligibility to work in the UK?

If you inadvertently employ someone without the right to work in the UK you could face a penalty of £10,000

arrowHave you amended your policies and procedures to comply with the Equality Act? If not, these are the previous average award costs for damages?

Unfair dismissal award £7,959*
Race discrimination award £32,115*
Sex discrimination award £11,025*
Disability discrimination award £27,235*
*Figures from Employment Tribunal Service annual report 2008/09

arrowDo you know that all employers will be required to auto-enrol, run and contribute to a pension scheme for their eligible employees?

arrowDo your staff have written contracts? Did you know this was a legal requirement?

StellarHR can help you with questions like these and many others by providing you with practical, affordable, strategic and operational solutions. We can help with everything from a one-off issue or carry out a full review of your HR strategy, policies and procedures.

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